A Conversation With THE SHACK Author, Paul Young

April 12, 2018

Paul Young, author of the best-selling book, THE SHACK ( now a feature film), calls the show to share insights regarding God's love for those who suffer ...and those who care for them.

Clinging To A Rope In the Darkness

November 2, 2017

When visiting friends in the hospital, the room adjacent to them recalled a defining caregiving moment for me from nearly thirty years ago.

Impotent Fury

October 25, 2015

Many caregivers secretly (and not so secretly) struggle with anger and "raging with impotent fury" at a disease or an impairment that is elusive and beyond our control.  How can you live in in peace with a relentless enemy that you can't fight?

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In 2012, Standing With Hope launched an outreach to caregivers of disabled, elderly, or chronically-ill loved ones.  This program is also deeply personal to Gracie and Peter Rosenberger.  Peter, who has served as the caregiver for Gracie for 30 years, draws upon his lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline to those struggling to care for vulnerable loved one.
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The new book by Peter Rosenberger HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER


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The Peter Rosenberger Show

July 2, 2015

In his weekly radio show, Peter delves into the challenging issues faced by caregivers.  From the practical to the spiritual, Peter helps caregivers identify “what help looks like,” while also providing them with the vocabulary and encouragement to ask for that help.

Drawing upon his astonishing understanding of health care issues, a deep compassion for the heartache of caregiving, and his vast experience as a caregiver,  Peter empowers fellow caregivers to take charge of their own, finances, and emotional state —regardless of the circumstances of their loved ones.

Knowing the emotional toll of serving as a caregiver, Peter’s outrageous humor brings the fresh air of laughter into the painful places faced by America’s caregiving  population. Listeners leave each show feeling stronger, calmer, and better equipped to face the daily difficulties of caring for vulnerable loved ones.

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A Counselor Who Is A Caregiving Spouse

May 21, 2015

With a thriving counseling practice for more than twenty years, Lynn Husband is well acquainted with the challenges of relationships.  As a caregiving spouse, however, Lynn's own journey into the heartache that caregivers endure —continues to provide her with even greater empathy, compassion, and understanding for hurting hearts and relationships.


We’re Not Going To Understand Some Things

December 8, 2014

You ever have someone come up to you and either brashly tell you why you are dealing with hard times ...or even try to speculate what God is doing? If not, wait ...it'll happen. It's not what we DON'T know ...it's what we DO know.

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Afraid, Lonely, Frustrated, and Feeling Despair?

July 25, 2014

PWR_1.jpgMore than a quarter century ago, I crashed into the wall of reality as I sat on the floor outside Gracie's hospital room at 3 AM ...following three sleepless nights after her 25th operation. That night, I witnessed her experience a gran mal seizure and was stunned ...and covered with her vomit.  Grabbing her chart from the nurses station, I started reading about what had really happened to my wife in that car wreck a few years earlier.  

That young man is who I wrote this book to ...and all the others like him who care for someone who is chronically ill/disabled; someone struggling to make sense out of craziness, and feels like they are drowning while trying to help someone else stay afloat. 

Michael Dresser Show Interview

July 9, 2014
Interview Date: July 9, 2014
From Milwaukee, Michael Dresser interviews Peter on his show.
Standing With Hope
The Three I's
Fear, Obligation, and Guilt
The New Book:  Hope For The Caregiver


The Three I’s

July 7, 2014

Caregivers struggle with the three I's: 

  • Isolation
  • Loss of Independence
  • Loss of Identity
"Medical insurance is not the issue.  That's a skill you learn and move on ...and I can teach you. The vast majority of caregivers I meet don't struggle with insurance - it's ASSURANCE- they're frustrated, weary, and scared."

You Can’t Push A Wheelchair With Clenched Fists

June 23, 2014
When we don’t feel in control, it scares us. 
When we discover that we don’t have to be—it relieves us.
  - Peter W. Rosenberger


June 7, 2014

Has "worrying" ever accomplished anything for you?  Caregivers spend a great deal of time worrying, but worrying is simply indulging yourself in the pain of things that have not ...and may not...happen.

You Can Do This, I Can Teach You.

June 2, 2014
Peppered throughout the Bible, God continually reminds individuals and groups to "not be afraid."  He knows that as we face things in life, we are scared spitless.  He doesn't mock our fear; He calms it with His presences.  Then, with God's comfort and His love in our hearts, we can offer encouragement to others.  And by helping them face their fears, we can, in turn, tackle our own challenges with courage, determination, and faith.
- From HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER © 2014 Peter W. Rosenberger  Worthy Publishers
The Lord is the One who will go before you. He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you. Do not be afraid or discourage. 
Deuteronomy 31:8

PRS Special Guest: Amy Goyer from AARP

May 20, 2014


Amy Goyer  is AARP's caregiving expert.  She brings her powerful personal story as a caregiver, along with a lengthy professional resume in working with caregivers. 
Some of the most expensive real estate in the world is the peace of mind you are trying to gain as a caregiver.Peter Rosenberger 
HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER ©2014 Worthy Publishers
In bookstores everywhere 9/16/2014
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(Gracie Rosenberger with Standing With Hope patient: Vivian)

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Path Towards Sanity

May 19, 2014
When the bullets are flying and the whole thing is going to hell, what's a path towards sanity look like for caregivers trying desperately to keep it on the rails in the midst of craziness?

The most expensive piece of real estate for caregivers is peace of mind.  Compiling lifetime of experience, Peter Rosenberger draws upon three decades of caregiving to offer a lifeline to fellow caregivers.
In this brief audio clip from the radio show, Peter lays out a plan.  

Playing for Inches not Miles

April 25, 2014

Some of the most expensive real estate in the world is the peace of mind you are trying to gain as a caregiver.

In probably the best monologue by Peter to date, this short clips gets right to the heart of the challenges and hope for today's caregivers.