A Conversation With Sister Kitty Hockett

January 17, 2018

"My mother was on the way to the abortion clinic, but someone led her to Christ, and two lives were saved!"  

Kiwanis Hockett, known to thousands as "Sister Kitty," called the show today to share her amazing journey and her ministry, Fashioned In His Image.

Sister Kitty believes that there is a mandate upon us to be accessible to more women, expand our evangelistic efforts and broaden our support of the programs God has called us to facilitate. It is her goal to develop mature, well-rounded women of God, who are rooted and grounded in the Word and bearing the fruit of His Spirit. She believes that it is time for us to come forth, discover God’s original design for us and be examples to the world.

She is an author, speaker, and counselor. Ministry leaders worldwide often seek her wisdom on governance and leadership.

A person who seeks the heart of God in all she does, Kiwanis has a zest for life and a passion for excellence. She is a fervent believer in a life of holiness and truth and has a loving way of getting right to the heart of a matter. She loves people, and always looks for the good in them, striving to see them as God does.


Sister Kitty is a Nashville native. She and her husband, Bishop Horace Hockett are the proud parents of two sons, Horace II (LaTonya), and Brian (Rachel), who are also involved in the ministry, and grandparents of Olivia Grace and Briley Aiden.


About Peter Rosenberger

A thirty-year caregiver for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities, Peter Rosenberger understands the journey of a caregiver as few do.  His experience led to him to author four books including Hope for the Caregiver, and 7 Caregiver Landmines and How You Can Avoid Them.  

Peter Rosenberger’s radio show for family caregivers airs each Sunday at 3PM CDT on Newsradio 1510 WLAC.  In addition, the show is also syndicated through the Truth Network.

Peter recently earned a 2nd Dan (degree) black-belt in Hapkido.  Furthermore, Peter is also an accomplished pianist.  He recently released his new CD, Songs for the Caregiver.  

Peter and Gracie live in Nashville, TN, where he also serves and the president and co-founder of Standing With Hope.


Prescription Safety In Senior Living Centers

January 17, 2018

How important is prescription drug safety and protocols for your loved one living in a senior living center?  

The folks at Morning Pointe understand the challenges of this issue, and joined the show to discuss the ways they implement multiple levels of checks and balances.  Debbie Fields (RN) called the show ...and ...we even let her have the coveted opportunity to introduce the "Caregiver Tip of the Day!" 

At least John and I think it's coveted. 


Don’t Believe Everything You Think

January 9, 2018

From "The Caregiver Tip of The Day" segment of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER.  Sunday's at 3 PM Central broadcast from Nashville's 1510 WLAC and heard on the Truth Network across the country, and streaming on I HEART Media. 

This segment is presented by AARP TN.  

Michael Gardner from Christian Care Ministry Discusses Medi-Share

October 1, 2017

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry where members share each other's medical expenses. Members of Medi-Share have a God-honoring choice for their healthcare and although not insurance, Medi-Share is acceptable under the law.  





September 24 2017

September 24, 2017

Today's Show:

Caregiver tip of the Day

"If you don't make it worse, it counts as a win!" 


Our First Syndicated Show

September 19, 2017

On September 17, 2017, our radio show becames the first syndicated radio show for family caregivers!  Sponsored by Medi-Share and syndicated on the Truth Network, we broadcast on 13 stations in five states!

For More information visit www.caregiverswithhope.com 

Caregivers By WholeCare

August 15, 2017

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth Moss, CEO of Caregivers By WholeCare, has provided exceptional care to families in Middle Tennessee.  With her background as a nurse, Elizabeth understands first hand from a professional viewpoint the need.  From her own journey, she understands the personal need for quality caregivers to help families in need. A champion for families facing difficulties in caring for aging parents or loved ones with special needs, Elizabeth and Caregivers By WholeCare bring a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of any caregiving situation.  From skilled care to companion care, they serve a lengthy list of families in the Middle Tennessee area —including mine. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t Believe Everything You think

August 5, 2017

"My Mind Is A Dangerous Neighborhood to Walk in Unaccompanied!"

Physical Isolation is one of the most challenging issues Caregivers face, but our thoughts become isolated, as well.  In those lonely moments, our minds can play tricks on us, and take us down dark roads.  Like a pilot flying through clouds without looking at instruments, we can quickly become disoriented.  In those moments, we need external input ...an emotional GPS, if you will ...to help us regain our heading and proceed safely.  We don't need to believe everything we think! I don't know about you, but my mind is a dangerous neighborhood to walk in unaccompanied! The book of Proverbs tells us to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and to not lean on our own understanding.  You know why that's in there? Because we lean on our understanding!! Serving as a caregiver is simply too difficult to do alone.  Don't lean on your understanding, ask for guidance and help. Don't believe everything you think!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

The DELTA DOCTRINE for Caregivers

August 4, 2017

The DELTA DOCTRINE For Caregivers

While flying Delta Airlines to Atlanta one day, I discovered that flight attendants state the best advice for caregivers – all day long:

“In the unlikely event of the loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling.  Securely place your mask on first, before helping anyone next to you who may need assistance.”

That small directive, what I call “The Delta Doctrine,” contains applicable wisdom for so many life circumstances - but probably none as poignant as for those of us serving as a caregiver for a chronically ill/disabled loved one.

Compassion and love often mistakenly lead us to hold our own breath - while trying to help someone else breath, but once we make that decision, it is only a matter of time before we find ourselves gasping for air.  If we are unable to breathe, how can we help anyone else?

Why Regions Bank Branches Are Autism Friendly Places

July 10, 2017

Did you know our branch is autism-friendly?—Regions Bank

Regions Button

During a recent trip to my local bank, I noticed signs displayed stating the branch is autism friendly. Displaying a message so prominently indicated a story behind the campaign.  With that in mind, I invited a representative from Regions Bank to appear on my show for family caregivers. Kathy Lovell manages the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) program for Regions, and she called the show from Birmingham to share the story. (Click the play button to hear the interview)

As the ADA manager, I look for ways that Regions can enhance the banking experience within the disability community. Recognizing the growing need for improving Autism awareness, because 'You don't know what you don't know' about Autism, we developed a company wide initiative aimed at better accommodating the needs of individuals on the spectrum, as well as their family members and caregivers. -Kathy Lovell

Regions Accommodating Autism

According to the CDC, approximately 1 in 68 children are identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Regions Exterior

Regions incorporates special training for employees, as well as an identified "quiet area" for families.  These quiet areas become havens for families in the event of an episode. Furthermore, Regions also provides "sensory packs" containing stress balls, sunglasses, and noise-cancelling earbuds.

"This goes beyond customer service, this is a gift."

The fear of an episode causes many families dealing with autism to dread public places. Lights, noises, and other environmental factors can all contribute to an episode. With a trained and prepared environment, Regions clearly communicates a sensitivity to the needs of their customers.  According to Mrs. Lovell, Regions isn't stopping there.  From working with the hearing impaired to the visually impaired, Regions continues exploring additional ways to assist customers with disabilities and their families with innovative ways to conduct their financial business.  As a result of these efforts, more individuals, and their caregivers, enjoy a smoother, safer, and friendlier banking experience.

"These initiatives support two of our core values:  'Doing what is right and making life better!'"  Kathy Lovell, ADA Manager, Regions Bank

For more information on Regions' accessibility programs, click here.  

Peter Rosenberger, a thirty-year caregiver, is the author of Hope for the Caregiver.  In addition, Peter hosts a weekly radio show for caregivers on 1510 WLAC, Broadcast Sunday's at 3 PM CST.  Furthermore, the program is streamed through IHEART, and the Podcast can be accessed here.e president of Standing With Hope.  

The non-profit ministry has two program areas:  a prosthetic limb outreach to amputees in West Africa, and an outreach to family caregivers.

In addition to his books, Peter also recently release his new CD, SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER.  

Jim Breuer talks about his dad, caregiving, and baseball

June 18, 2017

Saturday Night Live Alum, Jim Breuer, called the show for a special Father's Day episode. In our more than four years on the air, Jim's interview soared up to one of my all time favorites.

Jim Breuer remains one of today’s top entertainers and continues to win over audiences with his off-the-wall humor and lovable personality. Named one of Comedy Central’s “100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time,” Breuer is one of the most recognizable comedians in the business, known for his charismatic stage antics, dead-on impressions, and family-friendly stand-up.


"I love this topic!" - Jim Breuer

From Home Improvement to Saturday Night Live, Jim Breuer brings a comedy legacy to audiences across the country. Calling the show, Jim also shared his huge heart and great love of family as shared his own journey as a caregiver.  Recalling introducing his father to Sylvester Stallone, Jim launched into an impression of the Rocky star that had us howling with laughter. Jim's rapid fire delivery showed no mercy to John and me as we vainly tried to catch our breath. But then just as quick, Jim opened his heart to share deeply personal and poignant events with his father.

On The Road With Dad

In 2008, Breuer set out for his “Breuniversity Tour” with his 85-year-old father and a film crew. “The Jim Breuer Road Journals,” showcased what life is like on the road with a comedian and his father. Videos from that tour also sparked the making of his documentary “More Than Me,” which was shown at the 2009 Montreal Film Festival.

A Family Man—A Marriage Warrior

Breuer’s one-hour Comedy Central special “Let’s Clear the Air” premiered in 2009.  This special contained hilarious topics that included what “success” really is, his SNL days and life with his elderly parents, his wife and his three daughters. Jim's latest special focuses on what Breuer’s life (and all of our lives) truly consist of: dealing with the elderly, becoming our parents’ caretakers, parenting teenagers, and what it takes to be a “marriage warrior.”

Bats, Balls,and Breu

Jim Breuer BaseballJim is a baseball fan, but he is a METS super-fan. The sheer joy he takes in ‘his’ team is completely infectious. Even to non-fans. Even to Yankee’s fans. But as fun, charming and watchable as Jim is, in this one way, he is not unique. These kind of fans are everywhere: they are you, your uncle, that guy from accounting who spent all his vacation time following the Cubs in the playoffs… Bats, Balls and Breu is Jim’s way to start a baseball revolution. He’s giving baseball fans a voice and a platform, because baseball belongs to all of us.

  Check out the new single from Peter's CD, SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER.  This original song written by Peter and veteran songwriter, Buddy Mondlock, captures the heart of a caregiver.  (Download on Itunes)

Check out these additional great caregiver resources (Click on Pics)

Peter RosenbergerAUDIOBOOK_Audible 7 Caregiver LandminesSongs for the Caregiver The radio show for caregivers is an outreach of Standing With Hope For more than thirty years, Peter Rosenberger's has served as a caregiver for his wife, Gracie, trough a medical nightmare. Emerging as an exceptional voice of experience for an unprecedented need, Peter draws upon wisdom earned through trial to strengthen fellow caregivers.  Click here to help sponsor this show or Standing With Hope's prosthetic limb outreach

Comedian Jeff Allen Calls the Show

April 30, 2017

Nationally known comedian, Jeff Allen, gets serious about the challenges of caregivers.

For four decades, Jeff Allen has been performing in theaters, on television and radio, and as a keynote for corporate functions and fundraisers around the world.

Jeff Allen is the best at what he does - making people laugh as hard as humanly possible. His Happy Wife, Happy Life® message of a marriage gone wrong and redeemed has given laughter and encouragement to millions of people. Jeff’s comedy drives home the humor in everyday family life and the joy derived from a healthy marriage.

He called my show to share his family's own heartbreaking experiences as caregivers.  He also discussed lessons learned from the journey. Even in the difficult thing, however, Jeff demonstrates how to appreciate the funny moments—giving much needed relief that our hearts desperately need.


Hope for the CaregiverNow in it's fourth printing, Peter's book, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER is strengthening his fellow caregivers across the country. HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER is written by one who truly understands the journey, Peter Rosenberger draws upon an astonishing three decades as a caregiver to offer practical advice, encouragement, compassion, and humor to fellow caregivers. Songs for the Caregiver


The new CD from Peter Rosenberger
Are you finding that car rides to and from the doctor and other appointments ...are filled with drama?
Change that by downloading SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER from ITUNES.  


A Conversation With Kim Campbell

April 16, 2017

Kim Campbell, wife of iconic star, Glen Cambell, joined us on the show to share her journey with Glen and Alzheimer's disease.  From isolation to loss of identity ...to the challenges of a tiny woman with a large husband with dementia, Kim opened her heart and gave us a glimpse into the challenges of caring for a spouse with Alzheimer's

For more information on Kim, visit her blog at www.careliving.org



About Peter Rosenberger

Serving as a caregiver for his wife for more than thirty years through a medical nightmare has equipped Peter Rosenberger with insights, practical understanding and a deep compassion for his fellow caregivers. Emerging as a powerful voice of experience for an unprecedented need, Peter is equipping fellow caregives to live a calmer, healthier, and even more joyful life.

For more information visit www.caregiverswithhope.com 


Jeff Foxworthy Calls The Show

April 9, 2017

Superstar comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, called the show to celebrate our 200th episode.  Sharing his own journey as a caregiver, he also voiced his support for fellow caregivers and affirmed his love of our show.

Wrapping it up, we couldn't resit riffing on a few "YOU MIGHT BE A CAREGIVER IF ..." lines.

Showing his heart, faith, and love of others, it's easy to know why Jeff is one of the most beloved comedians of all time. For more information, visit www.jefffoxworthy.com 


Disability Benefits Help

March 18, 2017

Bryan MacMurray from Disability Benefits Help called the show to discuss tips for caregivers helping their loved one secure disability benefits.

Since 2009, Disability Benefits Help has provided information to individuals who are seeking to apply for Social Security Disability benefits or have been denied after applying for Social Security disability. We inform those with disabilities about the Social Security Disability application process and help them locate an attorney or advocate who can assist them by providing contact information of an attorney or advocate who represents applicants for disability benefits before the Social Security Administration.


Disability Benefits Help
326 A Street, Unit 1A
Boston, MA 02210
617.849.5892 (fax)