Prescription Safety In Senior Living Centers

January 17, 2018

How important is prescription drug safety and protocols for your loved one living in a senior living center?  

The folks at Morning Pointe understand the challenges of this issue, and joined the show to discuss the ways they implement multiple levels of checks and balances.  Debbie Fields (RN) called the show ...and ...we even let her have the coveted opportunity to introduce the "Caregiver Tip of the Day!" 

At least John and I think it's coveted. 


Assurance …Not Answers

December 29, 2017

When The Answers We Demand Don't Appear

When struggling with loneliness and isolation, dark thoughts often grip us as caregivers.  We fearfully cry out for someone to tell us what to do, where to go, or how to cope. Simply put—we demand answers.  Furthermore, we want an explanation of why these difficult events are happening to us in light of a good an loving God. 

Some Answers Won't Make Sense Right Now

When just a toddler, our oldest son fell and lacerated his chin, and I had to hold him down while he received stitches. I’ll never forget the look of terror in his eyes and his screams. as he endured what, for him, was horrifying.  He had no way to understand what was happening or how to cope.  As he struggled, I avoided trying to explain things like stitches, infections, and antibiotics to a crying three-year-old, and instead gently assured him of my presence and that he would be okay.  Soon, the doctor finished, and I held our son and dried his tears.    

How are we any different when traveling in the often-long valley of the shadow of death?  While our Heavenly Father seems to rarely give us the answers we demand, He does give us the assurance we need.  The assurance of His presence and His love for us.

From YOUR CAREGIVER MINUTE With Peter Rosenberger

Medi-Share saved me money!

November 7, 2017

In January 2017. I joined Medi-Share.    In this clip, I detailed how I eliminated several other subscribed services that Medi-Share offers and saved a surprising amount...just by getting rid of redundant services!  It's portable, sensible, and economical.

It's a Health Care Plan that has been thousands of years in the making!!! 


Frauds and Scams Targeting Seniors and How AARP is Helping

October 30, 2017

AARP NC Volunteer, Helen Mack, brings her considerable experiences as an educator to discuss frauds and scams targeting seniors and how AARP is helping.

Take Time for Stillness or Make Time for Illness

October 12, 2017

From YOUR CAREGIVER MINUTE with Peter Rosenberger.  

October 1 2017 Caregivers With Hope Show

October 7, 2017

From October 1 2017. 

Guests include: 

Michael Gardner from Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share

Tracey Maxfield, RN:  (From Vancouver) Dementia Expert for three decades discussing "Sundowning"

for more information:

Michael Gardner from Christian Care Ministry Discusses Medi-Share

October 1, 2017

Medi-Share is a healthcare sharing ministry where members share each other's medical expenses. Members of Medi-Share have a God-honoring choice for their healthcare and although not insurance, Medi-Share is acceptable under the law.




Caregivers By WholeCare

August 15, 2017

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth Moss, CEO of Caregivers By WholeCare, has provided exceptional care to families in Middle Tennessee.  With her background as a nurse, Elizabeth understands first hand from a professional viewpoint the need.  From her own journey, she understands the personal need for quality caregivers to help families in need. A champion for families facing difficulties in caring for aging parents or loved ones with special needs, Elizabeth and Caregivers By WholeCare bring a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of any caregiving situation.  From skilled care to companion care, they serve a lengthy list of families in the Middle Tennessee area —including mine. Read the rest of this entry »

A Prisoner ….and Yet

June 14, 2017

Standing With Hope Limb Recycle Program

Since 2011, numerous inmates at a local correctional facility have volunteered to help us with our prosthetic limb recycling program. I recently took a few hours to meet with some of the newer men working there, and listened to their journeys.  Once qualifying for this unique program hosted by Core-Civic (formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America.), these men disassemble used limbs donated from all over the country, in order to recycle all the usable parts (feet, pylons, knees, connectors, adapters, and even screws).

Tom* serves as the current team leader in the shop.  His time there is nearly over and he feels ready to rebuild his life outside of prison.  In a powerful intersection of Standing With Hope’s prosthetic limb and caregiver outreaches, Tom shared about his wife, who was an amputee, and how he served as her caregiver for many years.  As you can imagine, his story connected with me.

Several years ago, Tom’s wife’s health declined significantly and Tom’s own health deteriorated, as well.  He medicated his stress with substance abuse; taking him into dark places.  When she passed away, Tom spiraled out of control and made choices that landed him in prison. “Peter, the stress I felt as a caregiver took me down.  I simply couldn’t handle it,” he stated frankly. Clean and sober, Tom has a new outlook on life.  Sitting quietly in the shop, surrounded by a table full of prosthetics in various stages of deconstruction. Tom added, “While I don’t like being locked up, I am grateful I’m here.” “If I weren’t here, I’d have crawled into a bottle and would be dead today. I was that self-destructive.”

Inmate Prosthetic Limb Recycling Program

A Prisoner ...and Yet

When Tom arrived in prison, he heard about Standing With Hope’s limb recycling program, and knew it fit him perfectly. His release date is soon; one of his first tasks when he is out is to donate his wife’s prosthetic limb to our program. While Tom’s journey includes harsh experiences, he continues to face life with courage, along with a conviction that he is in a better place—even while in prison. Although incarcerated, Tom emanates a freedom that seems to elude so many who’ve never even seen the inside of a correctional facility. After praying together, I drove home from the prison with a sense of awe at the amazing, redemptive work of Christ—manifested in a workshop buried in the center of a prison.

For the Lord hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners. Psalm 69:33 ESV

Resin and Supplies

Periodically, large amounts of acrylic resin with a harder (catalyst) require purchasing, in order for the technicians to make quality prosthetic sockets for each patient.  We recycle so many parts of a prosthetic legs, but we must purchase resin.    Not only do we have to purchase it, but we need to ship it, along with the parts we recycle. Because the resin is a hazardous material, it’s expensive to ship. The immediate need for purchasing and shipping the resin, along with the parts through our inmate recycling program:  $6,500 .  Click here to donate towards this expense.

Our Mission

Both the prosthetic limb outreach AND the radio show for caregivers, reflect our desire to model 2 Corinthians 1:3-4,

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”

*Permission was granted to use name, story, and photos

Aging In Place Transition Services

January 19, 2016

One of our long-time sponsors, Sara Beth Warne of Aging in Place Transition Services stopped by the studio and shared tips for caregivers when loved ones want to stay in their own home.

AARP’s Study of TN Caregivers

December 21, 2015

AARP released a new study of caregivers in Tennessee. Joining the show recently was AARP's director for the state of Tennessee, Rebecca Kelly.




Standing With Hope's Prosthetic Limb Outreach


Last week we received this picture of Annette (12 months old) walking on her new prosthetic limb. Joseph Thompson made this for her using supplies and materials that Standing With Hope provides. Annette developed an infection in her leg, but due to a strike by physicians in her area in Ghana, she was untreated and the infection spread to the point where her limb had to be amputated.

We can't change what happened to Annette, but we can help what happens next. She will need a new limb every six months or so for some time. You can help Annette and so many more by sponsoring a leg through Standing With Hope's prosthetic limb outreach. 

 Online donation system by ClickandPledge


Addictions and Accessibility

September 21, 2015

101 Mobility_Guest Host Grayson Rosenberger

September 21, 2015

Do you know how to install grab bars for disability accessibility?
Do you know how to build a ramp to safely help your loved one get into the house in a wheelchair?

Do you know how to install chair lifts?


My friends Jerry and Cecil at 101 Mobility do it every single day ...and they are THE guys to help you make your home more accessible. 

Grayson Rosenberger guest host and talks with the folks at 101 Mobility about tips for folks dealing with adaptive issues. 

Face it, if you need these things're probably dealing with some high stress circumstances.  Make it easy on yourself and call Jerry and Cecil TODAY.  
615 830 6478  Jerry Keifer/Cecil Raney
  • Stair Lifts (straight and curved rail)
  • Auto Lifts
  • Vertical platform lifts
  • Ceiling lifts
  • Wheelchairs Ramps
  • Grab bars
  • Door Openers
  • Pool Lifts

Interview With Mel Taylor, CEO of SPLITSECND

June 4, 2015


You will love this lifesaving gadget developed in Nashville by two Vanderbilt students.  It's smart, it's practical, it saves lives, and it's affordable.  
Regardless of your vehicle's make or year, you can now have the security of knowing that when you need emergency services, SplitSecnd is there for you.  Now you know why I brought them to the show for caregivers!

Detects crash and calls for help, even when you can't.

Peace of mind in real time. 
Splitsecnd syncs with your desktop or mobile device for real-time monitoring, giving you a bird’s eye view of your family’s driving habits so you can encourage good choices, set clear boundaries, and know when they’ve arrived safely

Get emergency help at the push of a button.
Activate splitsecnd’s instant response sequence in any 9-1-1 emergency when you push the help button. Connect to live help, get immediate assistance and alert your personal emergency contact, all in one step.

1204 Elmwood Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
United States
615.823.8447 office
866.716.5660 toll free

Dorcas and Standing With Hope

April 1, 2015

Dorcas_Randy_Small.jpgA scorpion sting cost Dorcas her foot, but for years, Standing With Hope has helped make it possible for her to not only walk, but run, play, and attend school. 

This is what we do ...and we invite you to help us reach more girls and boys like Dorcas with the gift that keeps on walking.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge