Prescription Safety In Senior Living Centers

January 17, 2018

How important is prescription drug safety and protocols for your loved one living in a senior living center?  

The folks at Morning Pointe understand the challenges of this issue, and joined the show to discuss the ways they implement multiple levels of checks and balances.  Debbie Fields (RN) called the show ...and ...we even let her have the coveted opportunity to introduce the "Caregiver Tip of the Day!" 

At least John and I think it's coveted. 


Dementia, Caregivers, and Christmas

December 12, 2017

Although many families feel stress during Christmas, caregivers of loved ones with dementia often feel increased heartache and tension. Due to that added anxiety many feel, dementia-care specialist Tracey Maxfield called the show to offer much needed help.

On Sunday's show (12/10/201),, Tracey provided a checklist of tips learned from her 35 years as dementia care nurse.

When you're with a person with dementia, everyone keeps thinking,"Oh well, let's do this Christmas—let's do this one the best ever.' But I think what caregivers need to do is really take a step back and look at what the significance of the holiday is for them and for their loved one.

Tracey shared that many caregivers tend to overdo it for Christmas because of fear it may be their last one with their loved ones.  Instead of accepting that undo pressure, Tracey recommended several ideas for a calmer, but more meaningful holiday season.

Don’t Judge It’s Autism

December 1, 2017

For families dealing with autism, they journey is often filled with tears, fear, and bone-weary days and nights.  Caregivers come from every walk of life, and while the circumstances may be different for all of us, we share a common bond of heartbreak and stress.  Together, however, we can strengthen and empower each other.  Babs Tierno, Executive Director of Autism TN called the show and discussed her family's journey with Autism, and how Autism TN helps other families. 

Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?

November 27, 2017

Best-selling author, Joy Loverde, calls the show and discusses tips for the aging population and her new book, Who Will Take Care of Me When I'm Old?


Fight What’s Closest

November 8, 2017


Sometimes as caregivers, we look at the problems in our field of view and subsequently try to tackle all of them at once. The healthier approach is dealing with what is nearest to us. My martial arts instructor often tells me to “Fight what’s closet!”  A distant opponent can wait until we deal with the obstacle directly in front of us. Difficult things may lurk on the horizon for caregivers, but fixating and fretting over them is unhealthy. Planning is appropriate, but we better serve ourselves and others by focusing on what lies within our grasp, rather than living in the wreckage of our future. Sometimes it’s as easy as just doing the next right thing …which may be taking a nap, calling a friend, or even visiting your own doctor.  Look, we both know that more challenges await us, but let’s deal with today …what’s closest …and do the next… right… thing.

Medi-Share saved me money!

November 7, 2017

In January 2017. I joined Medi-Share.    In this clip, I detailed how I eliminated several other subscribed services that Medi-Share offers and saved a surprising amount...just by getting rid of redundant services!  It's portable, sensible, and economical.

It's a Health Care Plan that has been thousands of years in the making!!! 


Kathi Koll and Caregivers Making Time for Themselves

November 6, 2017

After her husband's stroke, Kathi Koll threw herself into the role of caregiver, but realized she filled the calendar with everything but time for herself.

Kathi saw the plight of so many fellow caregivers, and decided to do something about the crushing journey that affects so many.  Her husband's successful business career left Kathi with resources that she chose to use in helping fellow caregivers. Launching a foundation, Kathi became the first foundation to offer financial awards to needy caregivers to assist them in their journey.

For additional information, visit   

Frauds and Scams Targeting Seniors and How AARP is Helping

October 30, 2017

AARP NC Volunteer, Helen Mack, brings her considerable experiences as an educator to discuss frauds and scams targeting seniors and how AARP is helping.

Help! My Father Won’t Stop Driving!

October 23, 2017

Caller to the show expresses his frustration about his father who recently had a stroke, can barely walk, but still insists on driving.  We know JUST who to have him call!

Some Days We’re The Pigeon. Some Days We’re the Statue

October 20, 2017

It's easy for us as caregivers to think we're singled out for mistreatment. While we often WILL be taken advantage of and treated disrespectfully, there are times when we ourselves treat others poorly. How does knowing that help us be a better caregiver? In this Caregiver Tip of the Day from my show, we unpack: "Some days we're the pigeon. Some days we're the statue."

Take Time for Stillness or Make Time for Illness

October 12, 2017

From YOUR CAREGIVER MINUTE with Peter Rosenberger.  

Gov. Martin Schreiber shares insights as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver.

October 8, 2017

Former Wisconsin Governor, Martin Schreiber shares his journey as a caregiver for his wife, Elaine, through Alzheimer's in his book, "My Two Elaines."

October 1 2017 Caregivers With Hope Show

October 7, 2017

From October 1 2017. 

Guests include: 

Michael Gardner from Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share

Tracey Maxfield, RN:  (From Vancouver) Dementia Expert for three decades discussing "Sundowning"

for more information:

An Expert on Dementia Shares Valuable Insights

October 2, 2017

"Soul-Crushing" describes the way caregivers feel while caring for someone with dementia. Expert Tracey Maxfield, RN, provides helpful tips and insights.

“Give Me Solutions!”

September 11, 2017

Caregivers are often put on the spot to somehow fix whatever happens to be the crisis of the day —or the hour.  Some people feel free to stress the obvious, and then impatiently demand the caregiver come up with an answer.

"Give Me Solutions."

Caregivers don’t need others to rehash the same problem we’ve obsessed over.  Furthermore, we don't need "bystanders" to place another unreasonable request upon our shoulders. By evenly stating, "Give Me Solutions," we detach from the ownership of satisfying an onlooker's lack of understanding. Asking those individuals for solutions, and then just being quiet—gives them a moment’s pause to consider the complexity of the caregiver's world. In addition, maybe, just maybe, a moment's pause provides them with an opportunity to embrace some humility when engaging suffering.  Regardless of the humility or lack thereof, a moment's pause provides caregivers with a distraction to extricate themselves from the conversation.   Read the rest of this entry »