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New App For Caregivers (IOS only)


How would you like an APP for your IOS phone/tablet that offers three decades of caregiving experience?

With an integrated calendar, prescriptions, surgery schedules, notes to ask doctors, and all sorts of features ...this is an APP for Caregivers, designed by a Caregiver ...and not just any caregiver, but I brought my years of experience to this project.
With the technical help of the very brilliant Josh Moore, we've designed a product that will EXCEED your expectations.
Listen to the clip from my radio show about it (and listen for the promo code to get a free month's subscription!)

The 3 I’s: Summary


What are the 3 I's that caregivers struggle with?

Caregivers and Their Critics


Caregiving is not for the faint of heart!  Ever notice how sometimes folks watching you struggle to do the impossible will critique you ...sometimes couched in "God - talk" and religious garb? 

How do you handle critics?  In this 30 second clip, I lay out my method.  It's pretty effective ...and you can use it if you want.

He DOES look like Bill Clinton

Couple of funny stories and a Bill Clinton impression!


You Can’t Push A Wheelchair With Clenched Fists

When we don’t feel in control, it scares us. 
When we discover that we don’t have to be—it relieves us.
  - Peter W. Rosenberger